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The app that puts the world in the palm of your hand.

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Get everything done using your mobile device.

Latus lets you digitally interact with the world around you - right from your phone.

Digital profile

After you create an account your information is stored for ease of  ordering and purchasing tickets for events.

Full View

Scroll through a feed of events, tickets, menus and items at venues. See all they have to offer - right from your phone.

easy ordering

No more waiting in lines trying to order items: Purchase from your phone, scan the code, and get back to the event.

safe and secure

Prevent credit card theft and fraud by paying for everything straight from your phone.

leave your wallet behind

Upload your payment methods on file so you never have to bring your wallet or purse out again. Your cash and cards are all digital.

transparent tracking

Know what you spent, where you spent it, and when: All purchases and orders are sent to your phone via email or text. Say good bye to receipts.

Be in the know

Get a full-view of what's going on in your city whenever you want. We curate a list of all the local venues and events in real time.

list of events

Scroll through the feed of venues and events in your local city. View venue details, descriptions, pictures, and everything the businesses around you have to offer right from your home screen.

early access

Reserve and book tables weeks in advance to secure your spot ahead of time. Share and invite your pre-access events with your friends to secure groups before the spots run out.

new way to pay

Digital Payment Systems give businesses the capability and efficiency needed to keep the most important thing on their minds at all times - YOU, the customer. Faster lines, less wait time, and more time doing what you came to do - enjoy yourself.

Ticketing and Events

Book, reserve, pre-purchase, and buy tickets for events happening at your favorite local venues. Manage your tickets from your account profile and check-in with your linked QR Codes at event entrances.

digital menu ordering

Scroll through venue menus and items all from your phone. Never be left out on all the venue has to offer without having to miss any part of the event again. Knowledge is power, and we're giving you control.

Be able to add items to your cart, or buy with a click and have it delivered straight to your seat, table, or pick it up from the nearest counter or bar.

Latus App Coming soon!