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A multi-tool platform

We know what it takes to run your business from our own experience. That's why we've included these additional features into the Latus Platform.

Digital Venue Profile:
Turn your Venue into a Digital Profile: Upload Venue Events, Tickets, Menu Details, Descriptions, Pictures - and all your Venue has to offer.
Built-In Protection:
Prevent chargebacks and credit card fraud with safe and secure payment processing.
Embedded CRM:
Customers who make purchases must be singed in to their account to complete the purchase - whether it be your general admission crowd, frequent users, or VIPs. Never worry about missing out on another opportunity to track a customer again.
Promoter Tracking & Payout Engine
Be able to track, manage, and payout commissions to any broker, promoter or affiliate at the click of a button. No more maintaining spreadsheets and sending checks every weekend.

The power of digital

A centralized-digital platform opens up several windows of opportunity to integrate and automate several workflows for you and your staff. We've also included these suite of features to maximize the power of digital efficiency - also for free.

Assign Roles:
Allow staff members and contributors to only view the information needed to perform their tasks on their accounts while you maintain full control.
Change Minimums on the Fly:
Busy night with high-demand? Be able to change  coverage minimums and menu prices with a click of a button from your dashboard.
Live Spend Tracking:
Be able to see real-time numbers for all sectors of your business: Tickets, Drinks, Food, Merchandise - and everything else your venue has to offer.

Full-Stack Capability

We mean it when we say we can do it all... If the previous included features we mentioned aren't enough, we're betting that these might give you everything you need to fully take control - fully free.

Set Guest Lists:
Have multiple types of guests expected to attend your event? Be able to set types of guest lists, from: General Admission, VIP, or Premium Access - all while keeping your back-end organized from one dashboard.
Uploadable Lists & Databases:
Be able to directly upload spreadsheets and databases to your Latus Dashboard instead of having to manually input thousands of patrons/promoters for a seamless, automatic integration.
Off-Line Capability:
Lost internet connection or your patrons don’t have access to cellular data? We’ve got you covered - our platform can work on a server-less browser, allowing you to continue your workflow operations with or without internet capability.




Plus Payment Processing Fees

Can't decide? Don't hesitate to contact us!



Plus Payment Processing Fees

Can't decide? Don't hesitate to contact us!

digital integration | seamless operation

Digital Innovation has recently been a very difficult and inefficient process for most companies and businesses. Latus is making it easier for you to make the shift and transform your company into a digital machine - today.

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