Leading Digital Transformation

Our goal is simple: to create a tool that helps transform industries into the Digital Information Age.

Latus was formed at the combination and forefront of digital transformation, innovation, and technology. Our mission is to fully digitize the event experience, from check-in to check-out - all while creating a seamless interaction for every person involved.

It is the leading platform and marketplace that finally revolutionizes the hospitality industry into the interactive digital environments necessary to bring every business sector into the Digital Information Age.

Latus is a digital platform providing the hospitality industry with a full suite of interactive features that gives businesses and venues a single place to run their front of the house, back of the house, and outside of the house operations - at scale. Resembling a "Salesforce“ for brick and mortar stores or venues that operate in physical spaces - Latus allows venues to create seamless, digital, and interactive mobile experiences - not only for the venues themselves, but also for their patrons/customers and even staff members - all while on-site at venue locations.


Drew Funkhouser


Drew is the "architect and designer" behind Latus. He has been working in and around the hospitality industry for 20+ years. From hotels and casinos to high-end nightclubs and lounges - Drew has been a part of every major advance in the industry since it's early days. He brings the industry-first insight, knowledge, and experience to help businesses digitally transform their venues, while seamlessly combining  workflow operations for all parties involved.



Nicolas is the "operations" behind Latus. He has provided strategic processes and advancements in several fields over his career - ranging from Digital Marketing and e-Commerce, to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Systems. Nicolas is a graduate from Florida International University with a degree in Business Administration in Finance. He is a multi-founder for several of his very own Miami based startups.

Adrian MEderos


Adrian is the "developer" behind Latus. He boasts an extensive past and career in building software platforms that have been known to scale at quick speeds with an efficient pace. Prior to Latus, Adrian was a junior level engineer for Boeing - building interface systems for aircraft before becoming a multi-founder for several of his own Miami based startups as well.


   Bill Eichen

Bill is a seasoned technology executive and entrepreneur with hands-on experience in leading corporations in emerging markets. He brings a successful record of revenue growth with a focus on strategy, execution and results. His leadership is focused on technology solutions, business development, and team building in start-ups and large corporations. His software and device experience includes mobile, sensors, fintech, consumer, digital health, privacy/security, automotive, and communications.

Bill was CEO of Sensor Platforms, acquired by Audience/Knowles (NYSE: KN) and President/COO of Analogix, a cross-border leader in digital home, consumer and mobile products who pioneered DisplayPort and HDMI. As Founder and CEO of Software Incubators, Bill has brought to market successful products which solve real-time financial notifications, logistics tracking, social networking, security and sports analytics. He is an innovator and was responsible for a variety of management successes at Texas Instruments, Cypress, IDT, and Motorola. He holds both Masters and Bachelors degrees from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Analog is so 2000. Get the digital platform of the future.